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To register for one of our classes, click on one of the above links.

Standby Request should be selected if you wish to be notified when future classes become available.

  • This applies only to open enrollment classes.
  • No payment information will be required on this form.
  • Your name will be placed on a no obligation stand-by list, and you will receive periodic reminders of upcoming classes.
  • Individuals on the stand-by list are given first consideration for enrollment.

Individual Registration should be selected if we have already scheduled a class.

Gift Certificates are available by clicking on the "Gift Cert Purchase" link.

  • Recipients of Gift Certificates should click on the "Gift Cert Registration" link to register for a scheduled class.

Groups of 8 or more students may purchase a private class by clicking on the "Group Purchase" link.

  • Once the private class is paid for, we will issue a "Class Control Number."
  • Give the "Class Control Number" to your group members and have them complete the registration by following the "Group Registration" link.

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