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Fighting Tactics


3 - 4 hour courses taught at Bexar Community Shooting Range

By:  Rudy Salazar

In our Fighting Tactics Workshops, focus will always be on the primary objective of winning the fight.

In previous classes, students worked on options utilized for Weapons Retention and Cane Fighting.

Although we will concentrate on a variety of procedures, it is important to remember that the primary objective in fighting is winning.

Rudy's classes provide students with an array of options.  Keep in mind that the familiarity with more options will increase your likelihood of winning the fight.

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3 hour seminar taught at the Bexar Community Shooting Range

  • No walk-ins

As always, follow-up refresher training will be available directly with Rudy Salazar.

Rodolfo (Rudy) M. Salazar, Jr.

BSN, LP, Texas EMS Coordinator

Mandala Mandatus II
Pekiti Tirsia Kali

Master Instructor
Bayanihan Kali
San Antonio, Texas


Demonstration at TLU (Seguin)
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Short bio:

Retired October 2011 as an Assistant Professor at UTHSCSA, Emergency Health Sciences, as a Clinical Training Officer and instructor for the San Antonio Fire and EMS Department for the 1st 5 years.

Assigned as the Continuing Education Coordinator for the Bexar County 1st Responder Organization with 20 plus fire departments in 1995 until retirement.

Retired in 1991 as an Army Major in the Nurse Corps specializing in Emergency care, with tours in Viet Nam, Europe and the United States. Volunteered for special duty for events in Europe and the middle east. Assigned and Taught the 300F1 Course now known as 18 Delta for the Army Special Forces Branch.

Competed in the art of fencing nationally for the US Army and the civilian sector.

Defensive Tactics and Emergency Medicine Instructor for numerous Law Enforcement seminars and conferences, including the DPS academy and Texas Tactical Police Officers Association.

Private instructor for police, border patrol officers and air marshals.

Ranked in the Filipino martial arts as a Master Instructor (Mandala Mandatus II) in Pekiti Tirsia Kali with 50 years of martial arts experience that also includes Judo, Shodokan, Kuntao, Silat and fencing (the European art of swordplay).

In the classroom:

  • View and discuss the Tueller Study video,  and discussion of safety procedures to be in effect during the course.

  • Discussion of situational awareness, to help avoid a fight.

    • Body Language

Outdoors (weather permitting):

  • Based on demonstrated options, students will undergo supervised practice of the fighting techniques, intended to augment, or even substitute for, the use of a handgun.

To participate, student must be

  • Active Law Enforcement,

  • Active Officer of the Court

  • Active Military,

  • Holder of a valid Concealed Handgun License, or

  • Licensed Private Security Officer

What to bring:

  • Jeans,

  • T-shirt/sweat shirt,

  • Vest, loose fitting shirt, or other suitable method of handgun concealment,

  • Holster,

  • Soft soled shoes,

  • Holster,

  • Cane or Walking Staff (4' or less in length -  for cane fighting class)


Cost of course  $360 (6 students) + $60 ea. for up to 12 more

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No Firearms or Ammunition may be brought into classroom or to outdoor practice.

Water and sport drinks will be provided.

Bexar Community Shooting Range

Located in East Bexar County, at 15391 Bexar Bowling Rd. (off Trainer Hale Rd.)

GPS 29.48306N  98.17664W

Click here for a map.


From San Antonio, take IH10 East to Exit 593 (Trainer Hale Rd.).

Turn right on Trainer Hale Rd. and go south approximately 1 miles.

Turn left onto Bexar Bowling Rd.

Go east on Bexar Bowling Rd. approximately 100 yards.

The entrance to the range will be on your left.

The classroom is downstairs in the 2 story building.

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