April 11, 2021

Vol. 15  No. 12

News Letter

Staying Alive:  Firearms Training & Texas License To Carry

Michael J Arnold


Random Shots:

"A fight avoided is better than a fight won."

-- John Farnam


Friends tell me, I want to carry a handgun for protection, but...

Will Texas soon eliminate the requirement for licensing?

What should I do to comply with the law?

On more than one occasion, the Texas Legislature has considered the prospect of "Unlicensed Carry of a Handgun." Once again, changing the law to allow citizens to carry handguns (without a permission slip from the State) is being considered. This leaves many Texas residents wondering what to do while the lawmakers are scratching their heads and trying to find the backbone to follow the lead of 18 other states.

My opinion:

In general, I believe unlicensed carry of a handgun to be a good idea.  Why?

  1. What say, we start with the Second Amendment.

  2. The current licensing process contributes absolutely nothing toward keeping firearms out of the possession of persons prohibited by law from carrying them.

  3. Beyond being required by statute to legally carry a handgun in public, current licensing requirements do very little, if anything, to ensure the safety of anyone.

"But, if we allow untrained persons to carry guns, our streets will run curb-deep in blood."  Ooops, that was the argument against allowing us riffraff to carry guns 20+ years ago.  The presumption was wrong, then - The presumption has been proven wrong, since then.

And, here's a news flash:  No, zero, nada training with a handgun is currently required to obtain a license  -  Never has been.

If you listen to the ill-informed, you will be led to believe that folks wishing to carry handguns will not seek out safety and other firearms related training unless it is mandated by law, as a prerequisite to legally carrying a handgun.  I call bullshit on that myth.

In the two decades that I've been teaching CHL/LTC, I have had dozens of already licensed students take my class.  The prevalent reason has been that they got their license from a less than reputable instructor who required little or nothing more than payment of the class fee.  However, good sense prevailed and they decided they would not carry before they (voluntarily) completed some training.  These will always be my favorite students.  They are all blessed with an abundance of common sense and they all (safely) carry, today.

NOTE:  For anyone who will be traveling outside of the State of Texas, it will still be necessary to obtain a license, if they wish to take advantage of any reciprocity agreements in place with other states.

My recommendations, if you're not currently licensed and want to carry:

  1. Voluntarily get some good firearms safety and firearms handling training.

  2. Learn the applicable Texas laws dealing with Use of Force, Use of Deadly Force, and statutes pertinent to prohibited places, signage, etc...

  3. Be aware of the fact you currently need no license to carry under some circumstances, on some property.

  4. Watch the Unlicensed Carry Legislation.  If it passes and is signed into law, and if you will have no travel outside of Texas - - SKIP THE LICENSE.  Stay off lists that you don't have to be on.

  5. If our legislators drop the ball, again, and unlicensed carry does not pass, use your training to supplement what you will learn in an LTC class and get licensed. 

  6. Carry safely, responsibly and legally.


Train like your life depends on it.

(It could)

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