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A friend once asked me, "What would you recommend for home-defense?"

My response was,

"Make sure you have immediate access to the following reliable weapons, in good working order:

  1. 12 ga. pump shotgun,

  2. Semi-auto handgun (9mm or larger)

  3. AR15 rifle or equivalent, and

  4. A wife, who is proficient with all of the above."

Although we spend some time on the fundamentals of shooting and shooting safety, the LTC Course is neither designed nor intended to teach you how to shoot.

Learning to shoot well takes time and practice.  Training is best done under the supervision of a qualified instructor, who will keep you from developing bad habits.

Whether you are a beginning shooter, just learning the fundamentals, or an accomplished shooter wishing to fine-tune  skills, we have a training program suited to your needs.

Give us a call:

  • 210-679-7047

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