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Our class is taught from the following outline:

  • Basic firearms
  • Basic marksmanship
  • Safe storage of firearms
  • Handgun proficiency
  • Legal issues
  • Contact with law enforcement
  • Non-violent dispute resolution
  • Use of deadly force
  • Review
  • Written test

The course meets or exceeds Texas statutory requirements.

Handgun Proficiency Requirement.

(a) The director by rule shall establish minimum standards for handgun proficiency and shall develop a course to teach handgun proficiency and examinations to measure handgun proficiency. The course to teach handgun proficiency must contain training sessions divided into two parts.  One part of the course must be classroom instruction and the other part must be range instruction and an actual demonstration by the applicant of the applicant's ability to safely and proficiently use a handgun.  An applicant must be able to demonstrate, at a minimum, the degree of proficiency that is required to effectively operate a handgun. The department shall distribute the standards, course requirements, and examinations on request to any qualified handgun instructor.

Only a qualified handgun instructor may administer a handgun proficiency course. The handgun proficiency course must include at least 4 hours and not more than 6 hours of instruction on:

(1) the laws that relate to weapons and to the use of deadly force;

(2) handgun use, proficiency, and safety;

(3) non-violent dispute resolution; and

(4) proper storage practices for handguns with an emphasis on storage practices that eliminate the possibility of accidental injury to a child.

The department shall develop and distribute directions and materials for course instruction, test administration, and record keeping. All test results shall be sent to the department, and the department shall maintain a record of the results.

A certified firearms instructor of the department may monitor any class or training presented by a qualified handgun instructor. A qualified handgun instructor shall cooperate with the department in the department's efforts to monitor the presentation of training by the qualified handgun instructor. A qualified handgun instructor shall make available for inspection to the department any and all records maintained by a qualified handgun instructor under this subchapter. The qualified handgun instructor shall keep a record of all certificates of handgun proficiency issued by the qualified handgun instructor and other information required by department rule.

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